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Wind Journey

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Wind Journey
Erik Wøllo
2001 Spotted Peccary Music (CD)

Based in Norway, Erik Wøllo has been composing his own world of music for over 20 years. His sound is rich with emotion and is spun with a gifted melodic hand. Plain and simple, this is beautiful music. While the guitar, both processed and more recognized, is found in much of his music, the synth textures and rhythms are always warm and uplifting. If you enjoy classic Patrick O'Hearn then this could be for you. Steve adds, "I never go on a road trip without Erik Wøllo's music cued up for the drive. Last year while driving through Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado, WIND JOURNEY seemed composed for every turn of the road and the unfolding views."
1. BeginningMP3 
2. Wind Journey 1MP3 
3. Blue MoonMP3 
4. Dream LinesMP3 
5. Going NorthMP3 
6. AwakeningMP3 
7. InsulaMP3 
8. Wind Journey 2MP3 
9. SeaMP3 
10. Open LandMP3 
11. Spring PoemMP3 
12. RainMP3 
13. Distant ViewMP3 
14. Huldra 2MP3 
15. Early AutumnMP3 
16. FrostMP3 
17. Winter ShineMP3 
18. Winter LakeMP3 
19. Passage Of TimeMP3 
20. DestinationMP3 
21. Aurora BorealisMP3 
22. CloudscapesMP3 
23. HomeMP3 

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