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Into the Liquid Unknown

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Into the Liquid Unknown
Paul Ellis
2001 Hypnos (CD)

Paul Ellis is a talented electronic artist who displays a fine sense of sound design, melodic invention, composition and improvisation. He draws from the minimal-sequencer style school while merging with space and classic electronic soundscapes shaped into a space all his own. With that said, trying to place this in any one category is a moot point. This release has inspired great reviews across the board:

"Paul Ellis is making a music that, while still reflecting his roots, moves into a space that hasn't been trampled. INTO THE LIQUID UNKNOWN is built around analog synthesizer sounds and interlocking sequencer patterns that build into maze-like designs. His lines are clearly etched into black space, rhythms are suggested more than played, with melodic lines squeezing through filters and delays, morphing in endlessly fascinating patterns."

– John Diliberto, Echoes

Paul was responsible for bringing Steve to Portland as part of the ALL IS NOW live episodes. Paul presented an inspiring and powerful opening set, and the two artists presented an encore piece together that set the wheels in motion for a future collaborative work.
1. Bend in the River 6:52 
2. Into the Liquid Unknown 13:35 
3. Moonlit Stream at the Mouth of a Cavern 0:58 
4. Under the Waves, a Sky of Water 5:15 
5. Slowly Rowing Through Ghost Melodies 5:49 
6. Undines 3:38 
7. A Roaring Player Piano Left Burning on the Beach 6:04 
8. Glistening 9:11 
9. Drifting Shards from an Ice Floe 3:22 
10. Luminous Depths in a Sapphire Sea 4:53 
11. Suspended 3:48 
12. The Underground River 2:55 
13. Dissolve 2:47 
14. Alexandria 3:14 
15. Drop Becomes Ocean 2:03 

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