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Harmonic Meetings

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Harmonic Meetings
David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir
1992 Celestial Harmonies (CD)

This is a long-time favorite CD of Steve, who listens to this when its time to get away from music, using it as a bridge to silence. A remarkable recording that nourishes with every listen.

A single low note resonates. A second gradually becomes perceptible, then another, slowly swirling sounds that shift and pulsate from some unknown force, chords so ethereal they might be supernatural, or perhaps the vibrations of the universe. They are the voices of David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir.
1. Lines To a Great LordMP3 
2. Harmonic RelationMP3 
3. Kyrie OpeningMP3 
4. Foregather In the NameMP3 
5. Kyrie FragmentsMP3 
6. Eleison ClosingMP3 
7. BrotherhoodMP3 
8. Hallelujah  

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