Live in Tucson, Arizona
February 9 - 10 - 11, 2018

Steve Roach's first live engagements for 2018 occurred over a three-night engagement at Tucson's Galactic Center / Solar Culture performance center. Steve's ultra-psychoactive ambient–electronic adventures in the deep end of the immersion pool were presented at the peak of Tucson's Gem and Mineral show, February 9th, 10th and 11th 2018. These intimate concerts sold out quickly with an extra day added. All three nights were broadcast live on SomaFM to a worldwide audience of thousands. Performing so close to home gives Steve a chance to bring his favorite instruments, ones which can never be shipped or flown long distances.

Months of preparation delivered three different sets over the three nights. Saturday's concert delivered a surprise announcement that a large portion of Dreamtime Return would be preformed live for the first time since the early 90's. This officially launched the 30th anniversary of Dreamtime Return and the release of the recently remastered edition of this milestone release. Saturday and Sunday's nights concert reached a high pinnacle. Both were impeccably recorded and will be released as two double-CD releases in late Spring.

Live in Tucson Review (Mark Morton)

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