s t r e a m s   &   c u r r e n t s
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This release, recorded late Summer 2001, is an evolution from earlier footsteps first taken on MIDNIGHT MOON. Utilizing the guitar as a painterly tool, Steve's continuing evolution of atmospheric processed guitar-based zones provides a harmonically rich world full of nuance and subtlety, built from webs of melody and pure texture. STREAMS & CURRENTS is imbued with an ephemeral quality that seems to linger at the edge of conscious perception, creating an introspective, enveloping flow of mood-altering pieces. The album progresses into deeper, darker, warmer, and quieter zones, towards a beautiful submerged ending. The mercurial ebb and flow found within STREAMS & CURRENTS creates a sanctuary that is rarely found in today's music. In his own silent way, Steve Roach has created the perfect atmosphere for contemplation and dreaming with eyes open. Recommended for continuous playback.

Streams & Currents

Present Moment – 7:52

 Spirit Moves – 28:37

  Slow Rising – 14:38

   Almost Touching – 13:56

    Ebb – 4:52

     Flow – 4:00


"Sometimes the best laid plans will dissolve into thin air... STREAMS & CURRENTS was the result of a steady flow of deeply-inspired late night sessions immediately after CORE was completed just a few months ago. This music is absolutely as far from CORE as one could imagine, yet still connected. It seems to emanate from the most still point from within the center, a place reached by way of the journey to the CORE.

"I feel STREAMS & CURRENTS is perhaps the most intimate, spontaneous and immediate of my works. The sense of quiet that seems to progressively engulf the evolving tracks is something I have never captured in music before quite like this.

"The tracks began as the zones on MIDNIGHT MOON did, in a relaxed and introspective state, late at night and into the morning. Everything was recorded live at it happend at the Timeroom, starting the week CORE was completed and ending in late September. Almost every night, the need to engulf myself in this deep-quiet warm blanket of sound became a temporary obsession that soon filled over seven hours of tape. Instrumentation consists of two electric guitars, Ebow, extensive live looping and various sound processing equipment. My aim was to focus on the minimum-essential technology and maximum emotive freedom.

"If there is a theme to be found for this recording, it's about being in the moment and starting from a tabula rasa / empty-slate state of mind. Since MIDNIGHT MOON I have been increasingly drawn towards the physicality of playing the electric guitar in a textural mode. The feeling of caressing the sound into form with the help of an array of real-time processing is the core of this experience. During this past summer I've dedicated more time to the guitar, experimenting and learning more in my own way and just having fun with the whole thing.

"As I gathered more of these soundscape pieces, I could a feel a connected current running through them all. Night after night, the call of the space I was tuning into with the guitarscapes became the focus. At first I thought I might include some of these spaces on the MYSTIC CHORDS, another album in progress, but before long it was clear that the feeling they were creating was better served by keeping the pure interconnected feelings together as a whole.

"The desire to release this sooner than later was something Sam Rosenthal of Projekt understood as we decided to move on it now. With the conclusion of STREAMS & CURRENTS, the understanding that I will take all of 2002 exploring the MYSTIC CHORDS project in full became clear. Its all part of the ebb and flow, and being available to the streams and currents of the here and now."

– Steve Roach, November 2001

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