Into the Soundcurrent: The Musical World of Steve Roach

Take an intimate glimpse into the world of Steve Roach, an artist synonymous with uncompromised innovation in tribal-ambient, atmospheric-space and other genre-defying sonic regions. On over 30 releases, his evocative soundworlds have earned the respect and admiration of listeners worldwide. For his latest Projekt release, Cavern of Sirens, Roach resumes his collaboration with Belgian composer Vidna Obmana. The result is at once alluring and focused, fusing the duo's evolving signature of passionate trance-percussion, rich harmonic textures and surreal soundscapes, further stretching preconceived boundaries into uncharted terrain.

VHS video, running time 16 minutes.


Steve on didgeridoo

in the Timeroom

in the Dream Circle

Steve and Linda

live in Tucson

live in Tucson

July 26, 1997

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