Midnight Moon

Ancestors Circle  8:58
Midnight Loom   
Broken Town  
Later Phase  
Moon and Star 

April 25, 2000

As the Dust settles, the MIDNIGHT MOON is revealed ...

RealAudioA stunning recording of quietly moving soundworlds, MIDNIGHT MOON is a 70 minute-plus collection of haunting, minimal, deep-of-the-night, mood-drenched pieces. The recording was conceived in 1998 when Steve began to explore his own style of atmospheric, processed guitar-based zones, approaching the instrument, as the composer says, "with a beginner's mind, the Tabula Rasa, or clean slate. I set off with no technical understanding or desire to develop in any sense of a conventional guitar player.

"With this recording, I feel I am entering into a psychological landscape that is difficult to describe without characterizing it once again as "dark" or "mysterious." I feel the metaphor of entering into a vast cave is fitting, the sensation of going deeper into new areas that pull you deeper and then again deeper. In that sense, it's really about exploring your own unconscious creative landscape through the music, as if the sound becomes the illumination of this process, like the subdued glow of a single torch flickering against cavern walls that have never been lit before.

Steve Roach
"During and after the recording of DUST TO DUST, Roger King would leave his guitars in the studio. At a certain point, the impulse to pick up the instrument simply occured. Up to that point, it was a foreign object. I started to explore and feel my way in the dark with the instrument, actually playing with very little light in the studio to enhance the exploratory state of mind. All the pieces were created in the late-night, early-morning hours at a time when I was clearly hovering in a hypnogogic state. Over time, I continued to discover and revisit the place that became MIDNIGHT MOON. I used the guitar as I do with all the instruments that I am drawn to, creating my own language and approach that serves the music in a directly intuitive way. I also kept the process to myself in order to protect this highly personal space, keeping any casual comments or uninvited feedback out of the picture. It was under wraps for nearly a year.

"After two decades of using synths as the main foundation for my soundworlds, the guitar proved to be a stimulating way to approach these soundworlds I live within. MIDNIGHT MOON captures an atmosphere I know I will never access again, since the magic was in the discovery. I simply managed to record the process as it was unfolding. Working with some great textural guitar players over the years, such as Suso Saiz, David Torn and Jorge Reyes, also fed the fire that was burning quietly to do this type of project; the differance being I was thinking of a collabration with a guitarist rather than playing the instrument myself."

In the end, it is the music that always matters. After extensive looping and processing, the sound has an indigo, deep-violet hue, often beyond recognition of what the original source could have been. The result is one of pure introspection, offering a perfect flow of mood-altering soundworlds for infinite repeat-mode playback. In a world obsessed with categorizing all aspects of artistic expression, MIDNIGHT MOON is a another offering to the unnamed, ineffable realm of pure ambient - atmospheric music, one that Steve Roach expresses with quiet nobility.

    "From the very start, listening to MIDNIGHT MOON is like being born into a dark dream, a floating void of pre-existence... This chilling terrain is not without a haunting essence of something human lurking in its folds and shadows. Rife with mood and substance, MIDNIGHT MOON is the ultimate in melancholy space music, representing some of Roach's most enigmatic and intuitive music to date."

    – Mark Burbey , writer for AP magazine

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