Steve Roach / Vidna Obmana / Live Archive
Steve Roach / Vidna Obmana / Live Archive

1   Verucchio Invocation
from performances in Italy, USA and The Netherlands
2 Common Ground
Verruchio, Italy
3 Two Reptiles
from their performance at Arena Del Musso Fosato, July 1997 during the open-air Verucchio festival, set against the medieval castle of Verucchio, Italy
4 Dreampipe Dialogue
from their performance at Shank Hall, July 1997, in Milwaukee, USA
5 Soundworld Collage
from performances in Italy, USA, and The Netherlands
6 Ascension
Milwaukee, USA
7 Tribal Perspective
from their performance at Shank Hall, July 1997, in Milwaukee, USA
8 Divine Innermission
a final culmination of performance elements and studio recording

For Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana, this collection of peak performances captures the pure energy and emotion of their live adventures during 1997. The wide range of venues, traveling to the various countries, and above all their first tour together, fueled their mutual intentions and challenged them to create music that doesn't know the limits of jet lag, equipment failures and the physical limitations that arise when leaving the sanctuary of the studio.

While their experience reached a level of spontaneous interaction in the studio, it was an entirely different dimension when performing on stage. It was as if they were communicating with each other blindfolded, focusing entirely on the sound appearing and being exchanged back and forth. Although they briefly discussed the structure of each concert, the magic came alive without formal preparation, relying on their mutual passion and instinct for sound.

April 2000
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