What Drives A Man To Go West?


a new era in ethereal ambience

This is the music, and even more the soundtrack to lingering ghosts and lost but not-so-forgotten dreams of restless souls, driven to "Go West, by God!" The story shifts between the present and the recent past when a dusty trail was the only road west. The rails were freshly laid, still wet with sweat and blood. For better or worse, hopes and dreams turned real in the vast southwestern deserts, becoming a metaphor for a clean slate and a better life.

This is the music of ghost towns and boom towns, of families and loners; of riding the ribbon rails of promise to a bigger sky for a day's wage, perhaps never to be heard from again -- dead or alive. Back home, they'd ask, "where'd those peculiar folks and distant-eyed fellas go?"

Dust to Dust is the creation of restless, ever-pioneering composer Steve Roach and native-Tusconian Roger King, a seasoned studio guitarist, sound engineer and patent medicine man. Their music grew out of a series of easy-going get-togethers to "see what the hell might happen." Roach and King soon discovered that growing up in the desert had mutually steeped them in the omnipresent influence of the Wild West in all its glory.

Dust to Dust is western music in the truest sense. It is a bold step in a new direction: where sounds paint pictures with a range of colors drawn from the land, where stories are told with the instruments of old and new pioneers. Guitars, harmonicas and washboard rhythms find their place next to a wagon full of electronics. Roach and King manage to roll the clock back and jar it forward a bit, creating a unique piece of "New American West Music."

1. Gone West
2. A Daze Wage
3. The Bigger Sky
4. On the Ribbon Rails of Promise
5. First Sunrise
6. Lost and Forgotten
7. Snake Eyes
8. Rain and Creosote
9. Ghost Train
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"Roach and King head West and blaze a trail for all others to follow for the rest of the nineties. Dust To Dust conjures the past of ghost towns and lonely dusty roads, with Roach and King as the new pathfinders. It is simply exquisite."

- Biff Johnson   Tower Records

"The music feels like torn leather chaps that have been out on the virtual-trail for a while, making Dust to Dust one of Roach's most melodic, yet gritty albums to date . . . It sounds like the musicians have strapped on six-shooters in a Sergio Leone spaghetti western."

- John Diliberto   Jazziz Magazine

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