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All Steve Roach releases in 2017:

The Passing

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CD $15.00
Hi-Res 24-bit 96 kHZ 
The Passing
Steve Roach
2017 Timeroom Editions 39 (CD)
Reviewed by Terra Relicta

The thematic essence contained in this new soundworld has haunted me since the late 90's, when I created a short piece for a compilation centered on the main harmonic chord cycle. Through the passage of time, the evanescent nature of this atmosphere only grew more poignant and deeper in emotional resonance. As life continues to be fully lived, blooming outwards and simultaneously mirrored with the passing of family, friends and animal companions, these emotions aligned and called on me. In a five-day period leading up to my birthday on February 16 2017, I fully immersed in the feeling this time-echo delivered, realizing this long-form piece in totality.
1. The Passing  


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CD  $16.00 
ON SALE, $10.00 
30th Anniversary Edition (Single CD)

Steve Roach
2017 Projekt PRO218 (CD)

Roach's 5th solo album features sophisticated, energetic sequencer music, similar to his earlier NOW and TRAVELER, ending with a haunting, melodic piece, "The Memory," more akin to his floating ambient work of the period. EMPETUS' full blown sequencer-based music illustrates a further evolution in the visceral side of Roach's music. Nine precise pieces that still sound fresh today. A favorite of sequencer music lovers.

1. ArrivalMP34:20 
2. SeekingMP35:25 
3. ConquestMP36:09 
4. EmpowermentRealAudioMP33:52 
5. Twilight HeatMP33:15 
6. MergeMP36:21 
7. UrgeMP36:23 
8. Distance is NearMP32:40 
9. The MemoryMP35:57 

Single-CD 30th Anniversary Edition in Digipak with original artwork. Download "The Early Years" digital bonus from Bandcamp, and name your price!

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